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VWC Builders, Inc. offers many services to meet the needs of our clients.  If there is something you are in need of that is not listed below, please contact our office directly to see if we can assist with your specific project needs.


  • Retrofit of Lighting Systems, Re-Lamping Programs

  • Install Fixtures, Run Circuits

  • Ballast Repair/Replacement, etc.

  • Troubleshoot/Repair Lighting and Electrical Systems


  • HVAC Equipment - Sales, Service, Installation, Design, Testing, Warranty Service

  • Refrigeration Equipment - Sales, Service, Installation, Design, Blend Retrofit, Warranty Service

  • Restaurant Equipment - Sales, Service, Installation, Design, Testing, Warranty Service

  • Energy Management Systems - Sales, Service, Installation, Monitoring, Design, Warranty Service

  • Hydronic Heating & Cooling Equipment - Sales, Service, Installation, Design, Warranty Service

  • Special Services - PM Programs, Process Piping, Gas Piping, Equipment Tracking, Plumbing Service, Ice Machine Service & Sales, Ductwork Design & Installation


  • Repair Fixtures, Countertops, Repair/Install Ceramic Tile, VCT, Carpet Tiles, Ceiling Tiles

  • Concrete/Drywall/Floor Repair - Patching, Caulking, Sealing, etc.

  • Door Repair/Replacement

  • Painting - Interior Walls, Trim, Floors, Equipment, etc.

  • Keying or Re-keying Door Passages

  • Installation of Hardware, Appliances, Bathroom Partitions, Fixtures

  • Assembly/Installation of Storage Equipment - Shelving, Cabinets, Lockers, etc.

  • Routine Plumbing - Repair Toilets, Sinks, Fix Leaks, Clear Plugged Lines, etc.

  • Parking Lots - Line Striping, Pothole Repair, etc.

  • Painting - Exterior Walls, Doors, Posts, Fascias, etc.

  • Outdoor Sign Maintenance/Repair

  • Underground Sprinkling - Start-Up (Spring) / Shutdown (Fall), Repair Lines, Heads, etc.

  • Aluminum/Vinyl Siding Repair

  • Window and Glass Replacement



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